Saturday, April 19, 2014

It all started with a cheap domain name from

Hello, everyone! This is my first blog post. Did you know that this blog was made and started unplanned? Yes, I just took advantage of's Lenten Season promotion for their .com and .net domains. From April 17-20, you can register any domain names at the lowest price for only P99.00, which is something I haven't heard in my entire life.

It was a boring Maunday Thursday and I was only staying in room and killing time; I had nowhere to go, anyway. TV and radio stations were off air, malls and restaurants were closed and the only best thing I think I could to do to keep myself busy and occupied was to go online and browse the web for some random stuff.

As usual, I first opened my Facebook account to read some news feed. As I was reading through my timeline, there was one advertisement or sponsored post that caught my attention. The advertisement has a very tempting offer that I could hardly resist --a domain name registration for only P99.00 good for one year. I tried to click on the advertisement and got some details of the promotion from

I registered this domain name with the purpose of having a personal blog where I can write and post just about anything under the sun and everything that interests me and my prospected readers.

I followed the entire registration process and paid for the domain via PayPal. The whole process was too quick that it only took me less than 5 minutes to complete. After the registration, I setup my blog with Blogger. I've been blogging for quite a while now and I always use Wordpress as my blog platform for my niche professional blogs, but I decided to take blogger this time for this personal blog to save web hosting costs. In other words, this is a budget personal blog (lol).  

After creating a new blog and setting up my DNS, my blog is now ready to go online. And oh, it only took 15 minutes for my domain to propagate, which is way too fast than the 24-hour period I was expecting.

One thing I love most with is the Free Whois Privacy Service, which costs a premium price with other domain registrars. It protects yourself from online inquiries on who the owner of the domain is. If someone tries to look up and find out about the owner of the domain, it won't show my name and other personal information. It will show's information, instead. 

Anyway, welcome to my blog. This is The Mercurian Scribe.


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